it’s friday! friday!

Well, the day is finally here and after approximately 3 months of training I’m finished and ready to run this weekend. Here’s what I’ve logged to date:

I have a lot of goals for what I’d like to accomplish post-weekend but I haven’t ironed all those out except for the desire to one day be able to pull off leggings as well as my mom does.

But let’s be honest, 2012 has been a big year so far and I don’t mean that necessarily in the sense that I have yet to consume a single soft drink, beer, fried food (minus one fried green tomato), or bite of meat. Looking back, that doesn’t seem like all that much. However, football season Kristin loves chicken fingers and beer. I view the latter 3/4 of this year as being heavy on vodka, veggies, and exercise. Let’s put that one to the test starting … now.


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