disappear from your hometown: charleston.

This weekend I made the long overdue, long planned trek to Charleston to spend the weekend with one of my best friends, Stephanie. Steph is one of my favorite people ever and no one can laugh me out of a bad mood better or drop everything out of the blue when she picks up on the fact that I might need a phone call and a listening ear.

Friday night I got in town and we drove downtown and landed ourselves on bar stools at The Macintosh with glasses of pinot noir. There are a million things I love about Charleston. The beauty, the history, the endless number of things to do, the shopping, that (like Clemson!) even on a rainy and dreary day it still looks absolutely beautiful. I also happen to like that there are strangers everywhere. So many fresh faces from tourists to guys I did not go to school with my entire life. Which is definitely a great contrast to what life is like back here in Columbia. While sitting at The Macintosh, a guy from across the bar bought us a shot and all I could think was “when was the last time that happened in Columbia?”

After we got home Friday night we tried to (finally) watch The Human Centipede. Let’s just say Stephanie fell asleep on the couch and I got to a point where I was too terrified to watch it alone and couldn’t turn the television off fast enough.

Saturday morning I had planned to get up and go running but we decided we’d drive downtown to check and see if the Marion Square Market was going on. (Which it wasn’t.)

We started out the trip downtown with a quick trip to Bagel Nation followed by the purchase of more Caramel deLites for both of us. I’m saving up my girl scout cookie stash til post-Lent but I decided I miiiiiight have not stocked up enough. Clearly I have girl scout cookie issues (but at least I’m not alone – queue Steph).

I had the best cheese bagel ever for brunch at Bagel Nation. Omg.

Charleston Cheese Melt

Choice of melted provolone, Swiss, American or Parmesan served open faced.

Once we got parked downtown and started walking down King Street we just kept on walking until it got dark. We did lots of people watching and shopping and I found a pair of used black and pink gringos I’d kill for.

After a while, we decided to stop at Bull Street Gourmet & Market for a bite to eat. Stephanie and I both had a delicious portabella sandwhich and I had a  much needed green tea from Charleston Tea Plantation.


Balsamic roasted portabellas, herbed goat cheese, marinated tomatoes.

Afterwards we walked alllll the way back down King Street to the car, parked under this:

How precious is that!? I’m such a hopeless romantic so this had me all swoony.

Saturday night we decided to meet up with some friends in West Ashley. We started at Pearlz and then ended up at Voodoo. I loved that area and it was my first time  going “out” there. There was a lot of wine, shot, hummus, and water consumption. (Hey, I had to run the next day.) Don’t we look like zombies?

Sunday I decided, at the recommendation of Wofford, to run the West Ashley Greenway. Somebody told me over the weekend that I would see a lot of “farm land.” Obviously, this person don’t know what “farm land” is. The weather was perfect, though, and the run was a perfect prequel to another afternoon of shopping, this time in Mt. Pleasant.

I find Charleston to be one of the hardest cities to leave and I can’t ever wait to go back.


One thought on “disappear from your hometown: charleston.

  1. You are such an amazing writer.. I had the BEST time and cant wait for you to come back.. esp when it gets warmer.. tons of summer plans:) COME BACK ASAP! miss you tons

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