about my weekend.

I was just thinking out loud on gchat (is that out loud?) to Laura that I wish I had a glam weekend to write home about (as if my parents didn’t live 20 minutes away and I actually gave them a play-by-play of my weekends) (wait, I probably do give Mom a play-by-play).

Friday night I got home from work and I could’ve really used a nap. I don’t know what happened but somehow the two hours between when I got home and when I needed to be somewhere just disappeared. I mean, I didn’t even have time for my nail polish to dry. And so, it’s smudged.

For a brief brief moment in time it looked like this: (except, I think it’s already smudged there.)

Also, everyone asked me if I “purposefully” glittered up only one nail per hand. As if I’d done it on accident.

Friday night we celebrated Ashley and Chris’ engagement! I love those two so damn much and I’m so happy for them. The party consisted of bbq and wine. I drank water and found a plate of cheese and strawberries. No, I’m not weird at all.

I woke up Saturday morning and pulled my lazy arse out of bed and down to the riverwalk to run. I ran 12 miles and then cried in the shower because OMG THE PAIN. I wasn’t in nearly as much pain from running 10 miles the weekend before. Note to self: eat something the night before, maybe. Except I’m pretty sure my dinner last Friday night consisted of 2 glasses of red wine. What is wrong with me?

After my morning run I headed to my friend Sarah’s parent’s to celebrate her engagement! I have known Sarah almost my entire life and I could not be happier for her and had such a fun time at her engagement luncheon catching up with all of our friends who are all connected in some way through school or church and have literally seen one another through everything.

Saturday afternoon I spent some time with both my dad and Daniel and then went to go see This Means War with Ashley. I’m not going to lie, I laughed A LOT.

Cut to Sunday and in between a short run, a free venti latte from Starbucks, and some cleaning, I worked on this:

While it may not look “organized” to passersby, it was QUITE THE TASK for me.

(I feel like I just put my underwear drawer on the internets.)


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