baseball season has arrived!

It seems to be that things never quiiiiite go as I’ve planned them. My plan was to head home from work Friday, unpack from earlier in the week, cook some dinner, watch some Parenthood, and head to bed early. But one phone call from a friend in need and that all changed and led to a little of this:

[Pardon this interruption: I hear birds chirping outside. Hello February in South Carolina.]

Saturday morning I woke up, laced up my shoes, and hit the Riverwalk to run 10 miles. And I did it! Hoo.rah. After chugging a gallon of water and turning myself around in 2.5 seconds I headed over to Carolina Stadium for the double header. I met up with my friend Tyler who had box seats for us and I taught him to not be surprised by my wealth of baseball knowledge. (He tried to argue with me who starting and closing pitchers were last season. Not a good idea.)

It was a beautiful day in Columbia, especially considering the game was moved up 3 hours and then made into a double header to avoid the inevitable rain.

I also got to get my picture taken with Jackie Bradley, Jr!

After the games and after ahi tuna and oysters and vodka and dancing were all said and done, I called it a night.

Yesterday I headed over to Mom and Dad’s for Sunday night dinner in celebration of my brother’s 29th birthday tomorrow! We had so. much. fun. I really lucked out in the family department. They bring me more laughter than anyone. I don’t know why or how but at some point over the past 6 months I have really realized how much I love spending time with my parents and how Mom, Dad, and my brothers are the very best friends that I could ever ask for in my life. I’m a lucky girl.

And, as my mom said in an email to me this morning, I am her “cute little mess.”


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