blase no more.

Lately I’ve found that in the mornings I’ve been lacking inspiration. Whether it’s the iffy weather or my poor sleep habits, I don’t know. But I so love the days when I have an outfit in mind over those that don’t really seem to stand out.

I recently found a blog post about the functionality of a denim blazer. Contrary to my personal feelings about her, I quite love this look on Kristin Cavallari. It just screams “relaxed yet appropriate” to me.

Between jeans, jean jackets, and chambray shirts I think that any more can, well, be a bit much. But I do love the idea of mixing it up with a blue linen blazer instead.

On Saturday afternoon I popped my head in Old Navy for a quick walk through and was really shocked by what I saw. I’m loving the navajo craze this year and Old Navy definitely answers that. As they do my aforementioned call for a linen blazer:

Add to that a grey or white cotton tee, black or denim skinny jeans or even a black pencil skirt, and what’s not to love? I also wouldn’t hesitate with a pop of color via bag, jewels, or even lips. Bright coral or neon yellow might be my faves.


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