twenty twelve is already winning.

It’s so good to sit at home on a Sunday night and talk to my best friend on the phone for hours and really relish in the fact that this weekend – and this month – have truly been the best in long time. It’s a pretty cool feeling. This thing called happiness.

Well, where did this weekend start?

Friday I was helping out with a conference at work which led to me taking a group over to the State House for a tour. One of my oldest family friends is the Clerk of the South Carolina House of Representatives. After a special “tour” of the House chambers and after our group exited, he let me hold the mace! Also known as the oldest relic in the United States.

So freaking cool! Friday, you were a good work day.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my weekend was equally good. Friday night I had dinner at Cantina with two of my best guy friends from Clemson (and two teriyaki shrimp tacos). It’s funny what the company of certain friends can do for you. I love being around those guys so much and I love that I got to see them not just Friday night but Saturday night as well.

Saturday morning I got up and went out AND RAN 8 MILES. I love shocking myself sometimes. And I love running on Saturday mornings and then spending the rest of the day with lunch and shopping with my girl friends, which is what I did. I met Mary Beth, Amanda, and Valerie for lunch out at Sandhills and I got the following appropo fortune:

Is it true that fortunes don’t come true if you don’t eat the cookie? Because if so, shit.

Also, for the record, I did purchase the following hat: (Why? I don’t know why.)

But I sort of love it.

And yes, I’m still in my running clothes. I feel like I go everywhere in them lately for lack of time. So having the opportunity to shower and have somewhere to go Saturday night meant that I made the most of it.

So, like, a normal night on the town, right? That includes a leather skirt, a visit to the State Museum, and then a stop just to say “hello” that eventually led to several vodka waters and the demise of my favorite pink pumps. Dance much, Kristin?

Oy vey! There’s the shark in the State Museum. Also known as “the shark my brother convinced me was temporarily removed so that they could hang the ACTUAL Titanic up.” Why am I so dumb sometimes?

But seriously. Saturday night was awesome. (And a well learned lesson that I should procure more leather stat.) I haven’t danced so hard and with so much purpose in so long. And damn, it felt good. Well, it felt good Saturday night. Sunday morning? Not so much. But I remedied that with some spaghetti, Starbucks, and baseball.

God bless you, January. You’ve been good to me so far.


3 thoughts on “twenty twelve is already winning.

  1. So many thoughts…

    First of all, the mace? I am strangely turned on…but I will keep that to myself (well, not anymore, I guess).

    Second, is that a Bayside Tigers T-Shirt you are wearing?

    Third, the frog hat is ADORABLE!

    Four, you seem to be smiling a lot:-)

    Five, what is the dude in the white outfit doing behind you? Is he a prisoner?

    Six, amen on the leather…

  2. Ha! Hil, it’s a Civil War submarine with a “fake” worker in it. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiinda creepy. And yes, I try to channel Kelly Kapowski whenever I may. Thanks, y’all, for being so sweet and awesome!

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