retail therapy.

Yesterday Sarah and I were talking about style. Do you ever sometimes feel like you’re a bit of a Monet? From far away everything looks great but if people get really close they realize you’re a big ole mess? That’s how I feel far too often than not. But Sarah told me yesterday that when she sees things she thinks “That’s Kristin” more than she does with anyone else because my style is “selected.” So cray to me.

Ironically my head, throughout the conversation, was spinning after taking a lunch hour trip to Forever 21 for the purpose of locating a suede mini skirt and then finding said suede mini skirt and going to purchase it and it somehow ringing up as $5.99. The girl working there was confused, shocked, puzzled, what have you. She scanned the skirt 3 times, commented how they had just put it out, told me that that price meant it was final sale and I couldn’t return it, and sent me on my merry way a mere $5.99 lighter and a suede skirt in hand!

So, naturally, I went on Forever 21’s website because my spending limit had apparently not been satisfied. (What is wrong with me?) The thing about Forever 21, though, is that I can get so much for so little.

And (lucky me) I only came out with two small things in my shopping basket.

I’m loving graphic prints right now. I don’t know if it’s because Missoni has been in my head so often or what. But it seems like it’s everywhere – brights and jagged edges and all the like – and I am loving it. I found myself attracted, even, to two purses in the store yesterday that were neon yellow and neon pink, respectively. But that’s a spree for another day.

Speaking of Missoni, I got this M-inspired head wrap as well in my loot. I’ve bought one just like it (but slightly lighter) before and I adored it. I’ve even worn it far more than my coveted Anthropologie head wrap. Funny how that works out.

Can’t wait to funk it up, per usual.


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