shit we say.

I’ve been obsessed with the Shit Girls Say videos for far, far too long. And then my favorite ever came out and I couldn’t even deny it. It’s me. Embarrassingly so.

Catherine and I have endless talked about how if we were actually stylish and photogenic when we hung out (rather than being in gym clothes and possessing a likely odor lack of perfume) we would film a video of our own conversations.

Behold, the (brief) transcript (or various snippets) from today’s conversation (or at least one of many had today):

Oooh a chevron head wrap.

I think I’m on sequin probation.

Wait. What?

Oh I want this tee! And by tee I mean shirt, not tasty beverage.

You’re killing me today!

How do you spell enabler?

I wish I could drink more during the day.

What the what?

Do you see anything good [on]? No. Don’t. Don’t. Stop.


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