playing dress up.

Last night after work and after a good workout with Brittany, Catherine and I met over at her bat cave to “move furniture.” Move furniture is a term for Catherine telling me she wants to move a chair into another room and me telling her it’s not a good idea and thus, revamping the room the chair was originally in to a point of functionality.

Which then led to us cleaning out 3 of Catherine’s closets and trying on everything she owned. Personal successes: I scored 2 dresses to take home with me and I now know which of her orange and purple (yes, she owns a fair share) I’m planning to wear next football season.

This dress, purchased less than a year ago, somehow made it to Catherine’s “keep” pile: (It was originally purchased to wear to a Widespread Panic show but arrived after the concert date.)

And yes, she did get one marriage proposal after this picture was taken. And one twitter response to the posting of this picture that said “wifey material right there.” Who knew? Cat knew.

Let’s just say, minus the famous actresses and music but including the label whoring and party of 4 (if the cats in attendance count), our night somewhat resembled this:

Oh yes, I loved playing dress up as a kid. And I love doing it as an adult as well.


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