thoughts from a running crazed pop culture hazed chick.

Last night I went on a run after work. A friend of mine from high school saw me running and sent me a message that said “cute running gear.” He then followed up with this:

What Women Want immediately popped in my head. The part where she’s trying to come up with the Nike thing? Kudos champ.

So of course I googled this:

Post run I headed to an impromptu dinner with my family at Outback and my favorite meal ever. Outback’s Ahi Tuna appetizer. It really is heaven on a plate.

Afterwards I came home with the intention to watch some of The Bachelor. That was until I heard this line from my least favorite contestant:

Catching fish probably isn’t much harder than catching a man. And I’ve done that before.

Oh I’m sorrrrrrrrry. If catching a man is that easy for you WHY ARE YOU ON A REALITY DATING SHOW?

Seriously, people. I never thought it would come to this but I am preferring the possibility of a tv show titled “Laguna Baby” and highlighting the pregnancy and birth of Kristin Cavallari, jr over this nonsense. Despite that all the while I’ve been (and will forever be) Team LC. Laguna Baby > The Bachelorette Season 16.

Um. Yea. SIXTEEN. What?! And the success rate is what? I’m going to go with “not great.”

I think I’ll forego the rose and stick with family nights and workouts.


4 thoughts on “thoughts from a running crazed pop culture hazed chick.

  1. It doesn’t exist YET. I mean, shouldn’t it eventually? Imagine the baby fashion and the Herve Leger maternity dresses Kristin could/would/will sport. Oh, the possibilities. MTV: call me.

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