from insult to injury.

Last week I was being asked about why I wouldn’t eat a saltine with my oyster when someone said to me: “Thankfully my friends like me just the way I am.”

Wait – what?

The idea that my decision to run more, sign up for a half marathon, and watch my food and beverage intake, has anything to do with someone else – anyone else, let alone my friends – baffled me. And continues to do so.  (And fortunately the two best friends who I repeated this commentary to laughed hysterically at the implication.)

This is about me. This is about me being so excited about a run on Saturday that I wanted to share it on my blog. And then, when I cut the same distance down another 2.5 minutes a mere 2 days later, I wanted to shout it from the rooftops yesterday. And here’s me, shouting it from the internet:

This is about me being excited for me. Sharing what’s going on in my life. It might not be hot, romantic dates and baby names, but it’s about good solo runs, tv shows I really like, and bright and colorful and healthy meals (and outfits) I’m eating (and wearing) alone.

For the record, I ate this in my running clothes, not my pjs:

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure my friends like me just the way I am. Or at least they like to borrow my clothes.


2 thoughts on “from insult to injury.

  1. Did someone insult you? (here, I mean.) I like your website, and I prefer reading things from women who are doing things for themselves, instead of wanting to look good for others. When I stopped caring (when I’m more depressed), I stopped taking care of myself, stopped doing things for myself; when my self-esteem is up, I’m exercising, and getting things done. My google reader keeps messing up, so I go to Sarah’s website and click through when I see certain sites have been updated.

  2. In the Happiness Project, the author talks about growth experiences making people happier. That’s what you’re doing, whilst they’re sitting there not getting it (they will one day, only it will be painful for them, most likely). Chin up. ❤

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