west coast motivation.

I talked to my West Coast best friend for hours Sunday night. It’s funny how your lives can go in completely different directions but somehow you can still seemingly be right there together.

We talked a lot about friendships. How we’re 27 years old now and damn it, life shouldn’t be as hard as it is sometimes. You’re either with me or against me and if you’re against me? Why bother?

I listened as Emily talked for an hour detailing the story of a recent visit from a “friend” and I found myself, despite the obvious differences between her reality and mine, finding solace in her own epiphanies as she relived the events out loud and drew further conclusions.

Listen, we’re almost 30 years old. If we’re being rude to people, what really is the point? If I’m rude to someone I better have a damn good reason for it or a damn good apology because anything else is just bullshit.

I’m not accepting anything but honesty this year. If I think you’re mad at me, I’ll ask you. If you’ve hurt me, I’ll add distance. If  you don’t like me, don’t antagonize me.

In the meantime I’ll be spending my time going on long runs, drinking hot tea, and doing yoga. Because this year I’m doing me.


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