my goodness, my weekend.

Occasionally I think in prose. And eat hummus standing up in the kitchen wearing neon orange Ugg boots. And go to bed early on both Friday and Saturday nights.

This weekend was awesome in such a way. I made my way to The Fresh Market, Earth Fare, and Publix all over the course of the past week to stock up on some things (even though my grocery list seems to be never ending at current). I’m actually [legit] excited about trying new things and changing my life. Oh hello 2012, you must be the year I grow up (at least a little).

Saturday, after failing miserably in an attempt to run 7 miles by only making it 3 (and thus not rewarding myself with any Starbucks), I visited my old roommate at her new house for a couple of hours and then made my way home. I had leftovers from Brioso to eat, pita bread to warm up to go with my hummus, and some fresh berries in the fridge — all with my name on them. I continued in my efforts to spring January clean (efforts which began the previous evening), painted my nails (finally using OPI’s The Muppets Rainbow Connection – over a black base), and fixed myself a whole wheat bagel with scrambled egg, tomato slices, and feta topping for supper.


And then I went out. To World of Beer, even. Knowing I wasn’t planning on drinking but really looking forward to seeing some friends. The thing with not drinking when everyone else is? You become slightly irritable, particularly at things like the girl sitting next to you who reads your phone over your shoulder every time it dings and every time you look around says to you “who’re you checking out?” And I’m sorry but, among a multitude of other things, I really didn’t want to have to explain this (which produced audible laughter from me):

Sunday morning, after church and Starbucks and a few errands, I came home to a full day ahead of me with no real plans. It was 10:30 am. I was up, dressed, and caffeinated. So I started on laundry and the never-ending task of teaching myself to sew (or, er, finding out what foot I’m missing on my sewing machine). I fixed myself a lunch/snack of hummus, pita bread, and a banana. Nom.

Sunday afternoon I headed to the gym to use the elliptical. Running outside a lot means I don’t visit the gym very frequently. I had a goal for the elliptical which meant I couldn’t do what I normally do – glide on it nonchalantly and try to blend in with the sorority girls.

After a spell of Catherine and Dance Moms, I made myself home to cook dinner. I have been wanting to make stuffed bell peppers for what feels like forever. So I found a recipe that seemed simple enough (and doable considering what I had) and then I simplified it. The recipe made 4 servings and, being that I’m a measely one, I knew immediately that I was going to divide the recipe by 4. Here’s what I did:

4 bell peppers (any color) — I used one red bell pepper.

1 onion (diced) — I’m guessing I went with 1/8 or less of a onion and then diced it.

2 cups cooked brown rice — The only brown rice I have takes 50 minutes to cook, so I scratched that completely.

1 (10 ounce) can diced tomatoes with mild green chilies — Uh, I took a half of a tomato I already had and diced up half of that.

1 (15 ounce) can black beans — Done. And I have leftovers of this (with tomatos & onions) for dinner tonight. 

1/2 cup fat-free cheddar cheese — I sprinkled an unquantifiable amount.

And, fin. I cooked it for about 25 minutes. It was super good and easy.

And now I’m ready for the week ahead.


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