twenty dozen: official resolutions.

Last Friday I was asked by someone to list 3 new year’s resolutions and I got super overwhelmed. 3? I mean, it’s a whole year, right? Shouldn’t I have many? Because I do. I have many. I hadn’t inclined upon myself to write them down just yet and so doing that alone seems like some sort of accomplishment. Here goes it.

1. This year I need to be more adult about finances. I say this every year. And every year I find myself in a different place. This year I need to budget a bridesmaid dress, travel, a car payment, living expenses, and for the future.

2. Make exercise a priority. I’ve already signed up for a half marathon in mid-March and I’m a mix of jazzed and freaked out about that. After the holidays and traveling my running is a little off and I find myself getting a little beat up trying to bring it back to where I’m supposed to be according to my schedule, but thankfully I have a lot of friends acting as motivators. Add to that my current gym whoring — I’m currently a member of 2 gyms, in the process of letting my bride friend convince me to join hers so we can be the bride and bridesmaid in training together, about to redeem a groupon for 12 sessions at yet another gym, and Catherine and I will soon be participating in our pole/chair dancing classes. Here’s to not getting overwhelmed with all of this and opting to sit on my ass instead.

3. With exercise comes the decision to make conscious changes in my diet. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m doing here, so any input is welcome. Mostly my decision is to cut as much out as possible and added it back in as needed. First up – alcohol. Because the only reason I tend to fail to run is because I’ve overindulged the night before. I’ve also already subconsciously decided to give up all soft drinks because that seems pretty obvious. Next up – meat. My mom’s been macro for about 8 years now and only eats seafood. I’m going to see how long I can do this even though I love meat. A lot of this decision is going to be based on some reading of Skinny Bitch and The Kind Diet, which I’m currently working my way through. Also, now, thanks to the devil Pete, I’m considering giving up cheese, at least temporarily. GASP. Pete says no dairy while training. I say WHAT.

Here’s some of what I picked up at the grocery store yesterday:

That makes only 2 things there not coincide with his “no dairy” plan (as the pizza is “no cheese”). I think I’ll have to eat these things while deciding whether or not to omit dairy from my diet. Who knows what plan I’ll end up with but that’s at least where my head is in the game.

4. Draw nearer to God. I’m thankful that this is at the forefront of my mind every year but saddened to say sometimes, at the end of a difficult year, I find myself not being as close to Him. Last year I picked up a new devotional to start the year off with but I didn’t get very far. This year, Kelley and I are resolved to hold one another accountable and to do devotions together. I’m excited about that. I’m excited about going to church and dedicating myself to more quiet times.

5. Beyond reading my bible more and doing my devotions I want to read more. I’m more optimistic about this than ever and plan to document what I’ve accompished. The past few years I have set a goal of 100 books for the year that has proved to be ridiculously unattainable. But I like to think that one of these years I’ll cross that threshold.

6. Learn to sew. How long have I had my sewing machine, exactly? This is the year. I’m single and I’m motivated so I better get on with it. Plus it’s got to be helpful for me financially if I can learn to put together a decent skirt or two. Or Christmas gift.

There’s half a dozen for twenty dozen. Fingers crossed.


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