nothing ever goes as planned.

Friday night I had this vision of staying in, doing laundry, taking care of some overdue research Mom had asked me to do, and other general laziness as is needed after a busy work week. Then something happened. Cat called and said she had a great plan. Since we’re all broke spending scarcely during the holidays, she suggested we patronize a karaoke bar in a sketchy part of town and drink cheap beers.

Obviously, that didn’t work out exactly as planned.

Instead of going home and putting on sweatpants, I went home and turned myself around in approximately 2.7 seconds (apparently not only am I now too lazy to dry my hair, I’m also too lazy to straighten it). I headed to Cat’s house to wait for her to get home from work and sat there reading my book. When she got home and after we spent an hour darkening her hair (my first attempt at cosmetology – call me), we headed off to a Christmas party that was intended to be a “drop-in” but at which we decided to stay something like 3 hours at. I think I fell in love with a couple of women there – one over our mutual dislike for a gentleman we both know and the other because her nail polish was kick ass. First world problems.

We met a couple of our boys at Publick House afterwards to formulate a plan and so that I could acquire a copy of the new Black Keys cd from one of them. (Priorities.) Cat reluctantly agreed on a drink at Bar None in exchange for my agreeing to show my face in Tin Roof.

At Tin Roof the following things occured:

1. I slapped a guy. More than once.

2. I gave a guy friend of mine “the look” to help save me from confession of love #1 and instead he came over and proceeded to purchase a round of shots for me and the slap recipient to my right.

3. I was followed around for a large portion of the evening by a guy friend that was later nicknamed, for the purposes of discussion, “hungry eyes.” He is the author of these:

4. While a female in our group who shall not be identified was jumping a guy outside of the bar I looked at one of his friends and had the following conversation:

Me: I know you!

Guy: What’s your name?

Me: Kristin.

Guy: Hey Kristin.


5.  I introduced myself to a group as Jasmine and then later found out they are all friends of my brother’s. First Jasmine fail EVER.

… and that was Friday night.

Saturday I woke up, reattached myself to Catherine, and the day continued from there. Our best friend was in town from LA for the first time in a year so, naturally, I skipped the 3 parties I was supposed to go to and instead spent the entire night with them. We read Jack Kerouac in the bar, pointed out modelizers, made fun of people from high school, and all woke up the next morning still in love with one another.

I’m a pretty lucky girl to have such wonderful friends.


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