Sometimes, when I’m sitting around listening to friends who’ve just signed up for Match.com or met their husbands on Match.com or think that if they hadn’t met the guy they’re going to marry two years ago they’d be on Match.com (and that informing me of that fact is comforting and encouraging), I think about what I’d really like out of a dating site and what the questions on it would be in order for me to sign up rather than ideal height, build, religious preference (often left as: “I’ll tell you later” to which I say read this).

So if I were playing Patti Stanger or Steven Ward and if I were writing my own dating website, here are some questions I’d have included:

1. Would you support your significant other’s sports team even if it were your rival?

2. Who is your favorite Nascar driver? (Those unappreciative or close-minded about Nascar need not apply).

3. What is your favorite MLB team?

4. Would you rather the NBA lock out have remained a lock out or not?

5. Do you think immigration should be a state issue or a federal issue?

6. LC or Kristin Cavallari?

7. Does love conquer all in your mind?

8. Is any question a dumb question?

9. Do you like Adele and Rihanna?

10. Would you attend a “girl” concert or “chick” flick or watch a reality dating show at the request of your significant other?

11. Do you eat sushi?

12. Are you an only child? (Might should make this the first question.)

13. Are you tolerable of the color orange?

14. a) Do you vote even if you don’t have a preference? b) Do you like Nikki Haley?

15. Do you have and respect good moral character and avoid judgement of others?

16. Do you respect adults? (Foremost, my parents.)

17. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

18. What are your thoughts on twangy country?

19. Do you have any opposition to spending a weekend attending a college football game on a Saturday and a Nascar race or an NFL game on Sunday?

20. Will you do anything to prevent the woman you love from crying?


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