celebrity, celebrity.

I used to be obsessed with N*Sync. And if I’m being honest, I still have a slight obsession. N*Sync’s Christmas album? Holy goodness. Justin Timberlake? NEED I SAY MORE?

Reagan asked me the other day if I was more N*Sync or Backstreet Boys. Honest to God, this was a conversation a mere 2 weeks ago. I just stared at her like – DUH. Then I told her about the time I went to an N*Sync concert when I was in high school and they had a couch on the stage and in between songs the boys would sit on the couch and just have normal conversations.

“So you felt like y’all were just hanging out?” Reagan asked me. (Full of judgement.)

OBVIOUSLY. It was just me and the boys. And however many other people can fit in the BiLo Center.

When I think of the word celebrity I immediately think of N*Sync’s song of the same name. Like, if we were playing a game and you asked me to think of the first word to come to mind and then you said “celebrity!” I’d be all “N*Sync!”

And to my point. Guess which celebrities I saw this year? (Keeping in mind that to me the word celebrity is pretty loosely encompassing.)

Drumroll please …


I thought the most exciting thing that I would come across on that chilly evening in Greenville was the revelation (think: Oprah-worthy AHA! moment) that the nachos at Barley’s are comparable to crack cocaine. (SERIOUSLY. You can get whatever pizza toppings they have ON TOP OF NACHOS! Amazeballs.) Needless to say that the pure fact that that night included Jarvis + muah (AND NACHOS) should have been fantastical enough.


I squealed like the little girl that I am. And then I took a picture.

And now I’m listening to this. Because it’s awesome.

I wish I could get paid to find the commonality between two highly unrelatable subjects. Like N*Sync and a couple of B-list celebrity tv stars. And then I’d use said paycheck to go buy nachos.


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