this is our lives on holiday.

My mom says I adapt to my environment. When I live with yankees I talk like yankees. When I am around twang I am all twang. I can’t pronounce the “a” sound correctly (in the opinion of my mother and father) because I was educated by English professors from Boston. I pick up what I hear.

The same goes with music. I tend to listen to more of a certain type if it’s what those around me like too. Hence, Britney tends to go on the backburner unless I’m alone. After a breakup I can’t listen to certain bands or songs for a certain amount of time until they become mine again. Years ago I had a really close friend who loved Greenday. I remember loving it around him more than I had in years.

This morning I had Greenday playing in my head. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last spent time with my old friend, so I know it has nothing to do with him. It has to do with the fact that my mind is on holiday. That, and that over the weekend I ran into a childhood gal pal with whom Good Riddance brings back a lot of memories. Somehow that one song tends to evoke the memory of a mentor and friend we lost in 2011 and one whose name was brought up between the two of us on Saturday.

Beyond those memories, this weekend was full of a lot of music and laughter and family and old friends. It started off with a trip to New Zion with my family for Thanksgiving. My brothers, parents, sister-in-law, and grandparents packed into 2 cars and took the trip out to the middle of nowhere to see our family (or most of them) for the first time in a year. My grandfather used to have a grape vine in the backyard, which I liked to refer to as the “vineyard.” Notice that is no longer growing, much to my dismay.

{Me + sis-in-law.}

After Thanksgiving I soon determined that The Muppets minus Jason Segel is really just a sing-along and really, as much as I love Jason Segel and musicals, those two together should’ve stopped at Dracula’s Lament. Fortunately, the company was better than the time they added the lyrics to one of the songs to the bottom of the movie screen.

Saturday I woke up and went to Gourmet Shop with Pete! Happy times! … before inevitably sad times. Was there a football game Saturday night? I know not of it. I did, HOWEVER, get to crush on Brittany for a little bit before the main event. She’s my soulmate.

{Me + Brit.}


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