kristina braverman be crazy.

I love Parenthood. I love it in an I-want-to-talk-through-the-whole-episode kind of way. When usually I just want everyone to shut up so I can hear. But with Parenthood I HAVE SO MANY OPINIONS. Like omg! That’s ridic, you’re ridic, people who treat their kids that way are ridic, unbelievable!

When I went to tennis camp growing up I remember one of my coaches at USC would video tape us and then take us into his office to review the tape and our form. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how desperately in need of doing that again I am. I need somebody to tape me running and assess how to best avoid future injury. I need someone to film my service game and tell me what the effity eff is wrong with it! Last week I had a friend who is a tennis pro observe it and conduce that it’s all in my head. Which, coincidentally, is not helpful.

But WHERE I’M GOING WITH THIS IS THIS: Woman in Parenthood needs to videotape herself fighting with her husband. Then she needs to take a nap and a chill pill and watch the footage and (God hope) have an epiphany that she is 97.8% irrational.

Not that men are perfect. Or even close to perfect. But I think fighting is ridonkulous. I hate it. I disclose early on that the best way to pacify saucy Kristin is to just kiss me good and hard and I’ll go knee weak and forget about it. Other options: tell me a joke, laugh when I make a joke WHILE FIGHTING, or wait it out until the obligatory moment when I’ll admit I can’t even remember what I’m mad about in the first place and choose NOT TO REMIND ME.

Consider that last paragraph as a draft for my MySpace profile.


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