in the spirit.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to answer a few questions that Blue-Eyed Bride posed this week relating to Thanksgiving. This will shed a little more light on my weirdness.

1. Do you eat stuffing or dressing? Well, first, aren’t they the same thing? I have no idea, really. The answer is no. My mother has twice made Oyster Dressing and I’ve eaten that. But I really only like it for the oysters. As for the other stuff it really just looks like a poorly made crab cake casserole.

2. Did you ever dress up as a pilgrim at school? I have a faint recollection of doing this in the 2nd grade though I thiiiiiink I was an indian rather than a pilgrim.

3. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Hands down macaroni and cheese. It’s about all that I eat.

4. Are you all about the turkey? Or all about the sides? Neither, really. I have helped my dad with frying the turkey the past 2 years and I really do like it that way. I eat a little of that, a little of the mac and cheese, and the barbeque (YES, BBQ) … and that’s it.

5. Do you have a pumpkin pie at your house? Do you eat it? If someone makes it, yes. But it’s no guarantee. And I can’t recall the last time we did. I do eat it but I struggle with the first bite everytime because it reminds me too much of sweet potatoes, which I greatly dislike.

6. Do you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in your pajamas while cooking every year? I watch it while we’re getting ready to head out to the country for the day, yes.

7. What other traditions do you associate with Thanksgiving? The night before, my mom always cooks dinner just for the 6 of us and we sit around by the fire pit in the backyard and drink drambuie and bourbon. That’s my favorite night of the year.


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