and so it begins.

This week begins a couple of short weeks for me which then dive straight in to Christmas. And even though they’re really busy and require a lot of go go going, I secretly love this time every year.

With that being said, I have to put some thought into what I’m going to wear if I’m going to be on the go. Between Thanksgiving, Clemson v. Carolina football, and work travel (and getting ready for the holidays on top of all of that) it makes everything so much more enjoyable if I’ve planned some of my outfits in advance. (Though I never really do.)

For Thanksgiving, we travel to my dad’s hometown of New Zion, SC for a late lunch with the family. New Zion is a no stop light, one street town in the middle of nowhere. But it’s full of family. And I’m full of a few ideas about what to wear for that occasion.

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}


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