tis the football season.

I LOVE college football like I love wine and good dinners with good friends and rom coms and ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas.

This season in college football? It’s been crazy. Everything, in the very best of ways, has been unexpected and unpredictable and thrilling even when it’s given me a migraine and a one way ticket to a dark room and my bed.

Earlier this year at the Clemson v. Auburn game, when I remarked on what I deemed to be a bad call in the endzone in Auburn’s favor by saying “It’s Auburn, what do you expect?”, the woman who was sitting in front of me (clearly using someone else’s tickets) turned to me and said “That’s rude.”

Do – what?

I looked at the woman and said, very rationally, “Don’t come in my house and call me rude.”

Because Clemson, after all, is my home away from home.

During the halftime show that this year I’ve come accustomed to staying in the game for and quite enjoying, my brother and I got some chips and salsa and sat back in our seats. When we were finished, we tried to combine our plastic trays and spaz-that-I-am I somehow flipped all of his salsa on the seat (and accompanying jacket) in front of us, belonging (of course) to the finger pointer in front of us who was at the moment not occupying her seat.

But she returned, of course, right at the start of the 3rd. She picked up her jacket, which I’d attempted to clean but in one of those “the more I clean the worse it gets” fashions, and turned to glare at me. I mean, lady, it was ACCIDENTAL. And I told her so.

And then she stomped out of the stadium. Klassy Auburn fan that was old enough to be my mother and then some.


{with DLav at the Clemson v. Auburn game, 2011}


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