call me crazy.

I was recently dubbed, separately, by two of my best friends as being greedy about my fake celebrity boyfriends.


Is it possible to have TOO MANY fake celebrity boyfriends? No. No it is not. (And everybody better back off mine. That’s all I’m sayin’.) And that includes, but is not limited to, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Timberlake, … goodness I could keep going by it’s nearing 5 pm on a Friday. Snooze.

However, my parents should be pleased. Because behold! I HAVE FOUND MY LOBSTER.

Isn’t he yummy?? STAY AWAY! That’s me, taking the picture, while we vacation from our summer home in Maine.

For those of you feeling down in the dumps today (because it’s unnecessarily cold in South Carolina on this random Friday or because you hate the sun for some odd reason or because, perhaps, you just realized who you THOUGHT was your fake celebrity boyfriend is actually one of MINE), I have bookmarked this tribute to another one of my fake celebrity boyfriends and labeled it “If You’re Having A Bad Day.”

You’re welcome for sharing because, well, sharing is caring.


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