uh double up uh uh.

This past Friday – after waking up and trying on 5 different outfits, packing for the weekend, and arriving to work approximately 20 minutes tardy – I began plotting lunch with Kitty. Followed by plotting dinner with Reags.

My cup truly runneth over with good friends.

I remember when I was in high school, college even, I struggled to find friends that I knew would stick like glue. I wanted people that weren’t just friends but that were best friends. And boy oh boy do I have that. They’re there for me. They build me. And they make me realize more and more who I am and what I want. I love that.

Cheesy as it may be (and I love cheese), they complete me. (Speaking of Jerry Maguire: THIS.)

And they’re there for me when I need someone to cry with and someone to put me in my place and someone to help me think of a good and witty comeback and someone to really laugh with.


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