color me happy.

I’ve been feeling confident in me again in a way I feel like I haven’t in some time. That confidence expresses itself in different ways. Sometimes it’s in the way I talk to Reags – unfiltered entirely, sometimes it means my punchlines actually work in the presence of Kitty, and sometimes? Sometimes it occurs in the way I dress. There are times when I no doubt become a safety dresser. I dated a guy once who was very big on the “less is more” bandwagon (and who also thought the wearing of anything with your monogram was egotistical) and so I think I found myself molding to that expectation he set forth.

But the real me? TAKES CHANCES. Instead of backing up a minute before I walk out the door – like a girlfriend once recommended – I just try it out. And if I don’t like it? I won’t do it again. And if you don’t like me because of one horrific wardrobe decision? Screw you. (For lack of a more eloquent way to verbalize that.) (Sorry Mom.)

Here are some outfits that are inspiring me lately: BEHOLD, color!

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}


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