guest post: why i love kristin.

Last Friday night I went up to Greenville and spent the evening with one of my best friends, Jarvis. We laughed, I cried, I’m pretty sure he cried too, I made the waitress at a beer joint realize I knew far more about beer than she, I saw Blake and Holly from The Bachelor Pad and had to explain to Jarvis that he needed to quit pointing at them when I talked about them. It was a good long overdue date night for the two of us.

Fast forward to the first of this week, he had the idea to write a guest post for my blog explaining the reasons why he loved me. So I obliged because, well, who denies someone the opportunity to write a diatribe about their love for you? No one, that’s who. So here goes.


I was introduced to Kristin by a guy who liked her. I ran into her again a few years later when another friend of mine started hanging out with her. Because he liked her. Everybody likes her. I’ve always thought she was awesome and I wanted her to be a part of my life from day one. I had no idea how right I was. I wish I’d met her sooner.

But the thing about Kristin is, she’s really easy to like. If I were just a regular guy who met her at a bar, I’d like her. She’s cute, she’s funny, she has an amazing smile. But there’s so much more to Kristin. And frankly, I love her. And you should be totally jealous. By the way, she loves me too, so this isn’t weird. We’re buds.

Memory: Kristin is bent over demonstrating the difficulty of taking a picture of one’s own testicles with a between-the-leg shot from behind. And I’m laughing hysterically. What the hell.

There was a time in my life when I needed a really good, practical, sensitive friend to help talk me down from the proverbial ledge that was my dating life. I needed serious back up and she was my relationship SWAT team. I was way out of my depth. Kristin was there. Every freaking day. She helped me come to grips with what I was feeling. She helped me find a voice. She helped me do what I had to do. She stormed into the building, threw out some flash grenades, and drove the getaway car.  You can’t put a price on that. You can’t find it on Craig’s list. You either have a Kristin in your life at that time or you don’t. I did. And every day I thank sweet 8 pound, 6 ounce baby Jesus that I did. Because Lord only knows where I would be.

Memory: We’re celebrating her birthday. I’m “shagging” with Kristin at some dive bar in Columbia that neither one of us particularly wants to be patronizing. We officially are classing the joint up. As we are known to do.

To me, Kristin is what I always imagined my little sister would be like if I got to pick. Like a Fantasy Family League. But in many ways, she’s a lot wiser than I am. At those times, she’s like a big sister. And that’s pretty priceless.

Memory: I’m in town on business, and I meet Kristin for lunch. Hugs. Waiting for a table. We sit down for lunch. Old dudes keep interrupting us to talk to her because she’s kind of a big deal. We’re catching up. We order the same thing. I’m super happy. There are sweet potato fries involved. Afterwards, I get kind of sad. I text her and say “God, I wish we could do that every week.”

Kristin is also an amazing dresser. I love women. I also love clothes. These things are not mutually exclusive. Kristin loves clothes. Her blog makes my day. Sometimes, Kristin will send me a picture of an outfit she’s planning on wearing to something to ask my advice. Sometimes Kristin will send me a picture of what she’s currently wearing to let me know she’s still showing Columbia how to dress in my absence. It makes me so proud. And happy.

Memory: I tell Kristin I’m moving back to Spartanburg. She tells me I should meet her friend Reagan who lives in Greenville because I’ll absolutely love her. I take her advice. And now I love Reagan. Think about how awesome that is.

I love Kristin because she has the biggest heart I’ve ever been in. I think I could be having the worst day ever, and she could say “I love you, boo!” and that would turn it around. The older I get, the more I realize, a lot of people are not a joy to be around. Kristin’s always a joy to be around.

I love Kristin because she’s smart. She’s crazy smart. She’s emotionally intelligent. She’s people smart. She’s curious. If you like something, she’ll learn about it because she cares about you!

I love Kristin because she has great taste in music. As a music addict, I place a high premium on great taste in music, and an openness to new music. And a love of live music! If you want to know what’s good, ask her.

I love Kristin because she’s adorable. She’s super cute. But she’s also hot. And sexy. Which is seriously hard to find. But she doesn’t try to be these things. She just wakes up every morning and she is these things. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. But more fun and accessible.

I love Kristin because she’s a great friend. She hasn’t always approved of my game plan, but she’s always been on my team. And for that, I am in her debt.

I love Kristin because she has an infectious optimism about LOVE. She gives me hope for us both.

I love Kristin. If I never get married, I know she’ll be there to have a glass of wine with me and tell me it’s okay. If I ever find a girl half as awesome as her who is crazy enough to marry me, I want Kristin standing there with me. Rules be damned. She’ll be wearing a black gown and looking amazing. Classin’ the joint up as always. She better save me a dance.


3 thoughts on “guest post: why i love kristin.

  1. I have officially teared-up at my desk. That is quite possibly one of the sweetest things I have ever read. Bravo, Jarvis! Bravo, Kristin, for being that awesome!

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