clearly we are meant to be.

Nana: [in email forwarded to me from my father] When you read today’s paper, look at the article about Lee Brice. He is Floranna and Al Hicks’ nephew. I taught his mom and dad when we were at Mayewood.

Me: [to Dad] Wait. Does that mean I’m related to him? Totally ruins my plans.

Dad: No. My mom taught his parents. Can’t you read? [He’s super sweet to me.]

Me: I saw that but thought we were related to Hicks.

Dad: Not those.

Me: Score!

[Shocking he didn’t respond?]


Me: I have a song for you to listen to. [Presses play on “Woman Like You.”}

Will: Have you ever seen Lee Brice live?

Me: Yes.

Will: When?

Me: 3 weeks ago.

Will: I saw him last summer at his cd release party. And you know his Garth Brooks song? He sang it.


And now I can’t stop listening to this:


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