Friday night I went to happy hour. And it was COLD. So cold. Then I went to Brittany‘s birthday dinner at M.Vista and had THE WINE SAMPLER. It looked like this: (Which was, obviously, one glass down.)

Wined up, I went out and the bouncer at Jake’s called me Jasmine. I said “Do-what? How do you know my fake name?” And he told me that I looked like an Arabian princess.

Saturday, in between watching Clemson kick some North Carolina tail (WE. ARE. #6!) we headed to the Annual Group Therapy Chili Cookoff. After we were stuffed on chili and $4 beer, we went to watch the rest of the game at a friend’s. At which point, a Twitter school was held. 5 people, all sitting there, all on twitter.

Afterward (and in 30 minutes) the wifey and I hurried and got dressed to attend a good friend’s wedding. She caught the bouquet; her ex caught the garter. Our lives are awkward. As is our picture taking.


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