if you have to cry, go outside.

I have been trying to figure out what book to dive in to for, well, far too long. I wanted something uplifting, something I could get lost in. So every day I seemed to find myself placing a different book in my purse and never once opening it. And the variety? Is embarrassing. From Harry Potter to Hunger Games to a book from an ex to who KNOWS what. But for the past couple of days I’ve had If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone within my reach at all times.

And I finally cracked it.

Here’s what she’s told me so far:

If you aren’t hearing your inner voice, it could mean you’re overburdened or not stimulated enough, or that you’ve learned to shut it off because the people around you have refused to engage it. Perhaps you’ve had a hardening of the arteries around your soul. I believe the choices we make in our lives and the people and places surrounding us increase the volume of our inner voice, decrease it, or annihilate it entirely.

Take the years when you’re young – say, between the ages of fifteen and thirty-five, before you have a mortgage or kids or anything else that needs to be fed – and go balls out on intuition and follow your dreams. Dreams won’t always take you on a straight path to destiny, but they’re usually related to what your soul wants for you. They’ll force you to ask yourself the hard questions, they’ll kick your ass, and most importantly, they’ll turn you on.

Sometimes, if not most of the time, you find out who you are by figuring out who and what you are not.

I happen to believe the world will change only when we change ourselves. And that starts with finding ourselves: learning to quiet the clamor in our minds and the voices of everyone around us and move toward what feels right – toward the things we know, for reasons we can’t explain, that we’re mean to do, the things that makes us feel alive.

And that’s just the prologue.


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