brights and whites.

Last week my mom informed me she wants to redo her kitchen. She solicited me for advice in the endeavor and I JUMPED at the opening. I mean, seriously. If I can’t have my own kitchen to redo, you better believe I’ll take care of hers. I started making some mental notes of her complaints (both recent and over the years) and listening to specific questions she had. To have a built in desk again or not? Should we stick with white cabinets? What about a backsplash all around?

Last night, however, I learned Dad is notsomuch on the bandwagon of a new kitchen.


That aside, I immediately shunned the idea of white cabinets. We’ve had white cabinets in our house since middle school and there’s something about them that is just BLAH to me. I visited a friend in Atlanta a couple of years ago and she had recently painted her cabinets a light and fun yellow and I found it adorable. Not to say that would be feasible for my parents as the permanence of that color (and much more) would wear out quickly, but it does seem like a more lively option.

I have warmed a little bit to white cabinets since that initial reaction. Because sometimes, white can be quite the breeze.

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}

But then let’s be real. COLOR IS THE BOMB. And a chevron backsplash? WOW. Why did my mom suggest a white backsplash too? Bo-ring.

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}


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