Here’s a serious question I have. Will a guy ever want to live in a house I decorate? I mean, let’s be real here. I’m all for exposed woods and neutrals and I really really want a bedroom that is a slate-like blue. I like dark dark wood and tans and I also want to own a navy couch one day.

But have I mentioned what I would do with the pillows on the couch? Because they, for damn sure, wouldn’t be navy.

Biffle has vetoed every child’s name I have randomly hypothesized. I wonder what else I’d get vetoed. Because – surprise surprise – I really have a thing for color.

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}


One thought on “pop.

  1. You’ll find out it doesn’t matter what he thinks about home decor (and let’s be real most men don’t have lots of thoughts about it except for “I want leather everywhere”) I gave Derrick one room, the office. We picked out office furniture we both liked though…

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