denim denim bo benim.

Lately there has been a craze about something. And I am SHOCKED to say it’s chambray.

Let’s be real here … I half expect the redneck tuxedo to become acceptable. Or is it already?

Last year I remember pairing my chambray shirt with an ivory lace skirt and brown Cynthia Vincent wedges and thinking — AHA! — I’m fashion forward! I stepped in to Bar None in that outfit and nobody cared because they were all wearing jeans and maxi dresses.

This year I am loving the use of denim in multiple ways, especially with pops of color. Color hasn’t been this vivid since my college days of racking up on J.Crew and American Eagle pants of every color – pink, orange, blue, green. You name it, I donated it a year ago.

This year I plan to attempt denim on denim. (Denim on denim on denim? Not so sure about that.) I want to try my chambray shirt with my hot pink Anthropologie maxi skirt. And even with my white shorts and my Toms. Because even if it’s after labor day? I’m not giving up my white shorts and my white jeans just yet. (Or maybe ever.)

{All image credits can be found on Pinterest.}


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