thank you, shopping addiction.

For quite some time I have been keeping an idea book. In fact, I’m currently on my second edition. In it are clips from magazines upon magazines that I have purchased over the years. There outfits I love or style ideas for pieces I have or homes I want to live in and designs I want to recreate. When I look at it I see beauty. I see color. I see happiness. I see all the things that really make me happy.

On Sunday I was reading my newest copy of Better Homes and Gardens (side note: age me) and came across an outfit I adored. I’d been wanting a long brightly colored skirt for some time, preferably of the orange (ahem, tailgating) or hot pink (ahem, everything I’ve been wanting lately) variety. I was reading an article about designers and decided to check on the-outfit-that-ignited-jealousy’s blog and found the answer to my heart’s desire! The answer to the question of how to procure the hot pink maxi skirt of my dreams. And low and behold I should’ve known — it came from Anthropologie. So one call to Customer Service later I found the store that carried my size and IT SHALL BE MINE.

Ain’t it purdy?


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