stumbling upon happiness.

I would like to think that I have the ability to take “thinking positive” to a whole new level,. (And I don’t just mean to a different level of wine consumation.) I’ve been trying to stay motivated and productive and all other sorts of busy lately and in doing that I’ve been realizing how, in small ways sometimes, I’m stumbling upon happiness.

  • I adore following @shadycatlady on twitter. No joke. Yesterday’s favorites included: @shadycatlady: Everyone in the nail salon just saw up my dress. #whitegirlproblems and @shadycatlady: If one more person in here refers to me as “polka dots” I’m gonna start throwing cuticle scissors. #goingpostal. Really her hashtags alone make her worth following. But the fact that I laugh out loud at every tweet is an added bonus.
  • I was writing a note to my boyfriend’s mom on new stationary I picked up from Target recently and realized how much I totally love it. I’d been in a rut of only using my personalized stationary lately so I think I’m going to quite enjoy this set. I can’t wait to write my pen-pal in Mississippi and my boyfriend in Oklahoma using it.
  • Speaking of boyfriend, he bought me an Boomer Sooner tervis tumbler this past weekend and I’m now taking it everywhere. Boyfriend stand-in? Perhaps.
  • But what that cup really needs is an endless supply of Chick-fil-A diet lemonade. Good gracious, my Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Mtn. Dew obsessions never knew such love from me. Why is there not a Chick-fil-A on my morning commute? I’m guessing for my wallet’s sake.
  • Out of respect to my other other boyfriend, Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot of Curb Your Enthusiasm. After my mom had me watch the funniest episode I have ever seen just a few weeks ago, I decided to start with Season 1, Episode 1, to occupy my new free-time-without-end. And I’m no doubt loving it. In addition, my beaufriend forced suggested that I give Friday Night Lights another go. I hate to admit it [to him] but I’m not hating it. That doesn’t mean I’m going to love Parks and Recreation, Travis. I’m just sayin.
  • Beyond the ridiculousness (and addictiveness) that is The Bachelor Pad, I’m also quite enjoying Sweet Home Alabama on CMT and Awkward on MTV. That typically means enjoying them online, but I do quite look forward to what each new week brings to the table.

So thank you, little things. My life surely wouldn’t be complete without you.


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