Over the long (vacation induced) weekend, adventures were had! places were seen! firsts were made! and goodbyes were said.

I walked out of the office at 5 on Thursday and hopped in the car with Travis to begin our journey. We drove through (clockwise from a-d) (a) Atlanta, Georgia and then on to (b) Birmingham, Alabama where we stopped at Chick-fil-A for supper. Then we continued on though Mississippi and on to Memphis, Tennessee, where we spent the night. We woke up Friday morning in Memphis and headed towards Graceland for a very special short stop.  I particularly loved (c) the wall outside of Graceland. Across the street were Elvis’ planes. We got a good look at (d) the house so that I could officially say I had seen Elvis’ home.

From there we continued on our journey. We were in Arkansas in no time and made a stop in De Valls Bluff, Arkansas for a barbeque sandwich and lemonade at (a) Craig’s Bar-B-Q. The barbeque sandwich was insane and was topped with slaw. I’ve never had anything like it. We were full speed ahead to (b) Oklahoma City from there. We even passed Checotah, home of Carrie Underwood! When we finally arrived at Travis’ new place in Norman, Oklahoma we quickly unloaded the car and turned around to walk back out the door. We decided to take a walk around campus before finding dinner. (c) The stadium was a short block away from the house and was incredible. The architecture out there is described as “Cherokee Gothic” – mix of red brick and stone. I love it. As a whole, the architecture in Norman was amazing. For dinner, we ended up at The Mont, where the queso dip was fantastic! We also were able to enjoy the famous Sooner Swirl drinks, a mix of frozen sangria + frozen margarita + some special ingredients. After dinner we made our way through downtown to The Library to have a night cap.

Saturday night, after some more exploring around Norman, we headed to Oklahoma City to meet some folks at McNellie’s for dinner and darts. Beforehand, we went and stopped at the (a-b) Oklahoma City Memorial to check it out. What an amazing memorial. It was beautiful and haunting all at the same time. After eating at McNellie’s we returned to the (c-d) memorial to see it again at night. It had an entirely different feel in the darkness. It was an incredible moment for me and a reminder that we should each be truly thankful for the ability to live and love.

We headed back to Norman Saturday night for one more Sooner Swirl before going back home. Our last stop before my flight out on Sunday was to Ted’s, a mexican restaurant that brings each patron their own bowl of queso on the house. I don’t really need to articulate exactly how much of a big deal that is for me. They even bring you warm refills before you finish your first bowl of queso! Incredible.

I can’t wait until my next visit and that has everything to do with the man out there and a little something to do with the mexican food and the frozen treats.


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