This year (thus far) has taught me an abundance of things. It has taught me that sometimes, having faith in yourself is something that you have to search for. It’s taught me that often, to have a voice, you have to fight for it – or even that you have to have someone to fight for (it for) you.

It’s taught me that there are people – not just my family – who want to hear me roar. Who will be there by my side even when the tide turns. Who will call me every single day to make sure I’m okay and to remind me that I’m not alone. Who will love me, even when I’m feeling unlovable, even when my hair’s a mess, even when my face is tear soaked – sometimes especially at those times.

I’ve learned that I am worthy. I have found strength even in the most surprising of moments. And I have someone to hold my hand through it all.


3 thoughts on “free.

  1. You know you’re that person for me, right?

    I found a passage the other day about friends and I wanted to send it for you. Now I’m going to have to search through the Internet’s junk drawer to find it.

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