i find beauty.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. {Harriet Tubman.}

I feel as though lately, I’ve found beauty in so many places. Some days I’ve sought it out, other times I have found it in the most unexpected of moments.

I find beauty each and every time I read It’s like I’m … mmmagic! Through her courage in the darkest of days, to her laughter of the littlest of things, to her devotion to great shoes, there is beauty in her words and I often find myself envious of her modest strength.

I find beauty in the words and wisdom of Andy Stanley and of his faith and in each of his sermons. They reassert my choices and they steady my heart and they remind me of God’s love and of grace and of compassion and that some things aren’t really easy, but they’re worth it.

I find beauty in Pinterest, on the most dreary of days. It just never disappoints. It lets me dream. Of one day being able to decorate a home. Of hairstyles I can’t even fathom being able to recreate myself. Of outfits I would love to be able to flawlessly pull off without finding that inevitable wrinkle or mustard stain or ill fit. I find beauty in those dreams, those hopes.

I find beauty in the dreams of a different day-to-day. Of a job where I would be free to create beauty. To write what I want to write or own a boutique or decorate a home. Of being able to make a difference. Of changing someone’s heart or even their wardrobe.

I find beauty in music. In Mumford and Sons and witnessing this kind of emotion from a crowd of people and of being able to feel that, live, with some of my closest friends.

I find beauty.


2 thoughts on “i find beauty.

  1. I love this. Happy and beauty and simple joy is jumping off of the page. And from your face in that (adorable) picture. Hurray!

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