lost & found. (mainly lost.)

I ran yesterday.

Which, if you were counting (and why would you unless you hate me) would make twice this year. Twice that I’ve run. At least, twice that I can remember. And while on the one hand I feel as though I deserve a pat on the back for effort because this year has thus far consisted of airplanes and car rides and moves and exhaustion and stress and disorganization (and happiness – did you hear that boyfriend? I said HAPPINESS too), I would like to add an addendum that says: if you’d like to pat me on the back for my accomplishments please make sure to turn that pat into a push. And make sure that I’m wearing running shoes and have a nicely charged Rihanna-stocked iPod when you do it.

Because somewhere in between THE HAPPINESS and the traveling (and OMG the food) I have misplaced my motivation.

But I found a lot of good wine in the meantime.

Instead of creating a running schedule I’m finding couches on craigslist and sending them to my brother or brainstorming with Reagan about closet necessities.

Instead of writing out a diet plan and holding a commitment ceremony in Starbucks three times a day like I used to I’m tuned into a radio station in my head playing the following song over and over again: GRILLED CHEESE GRILLED CHEESE GRILLED CHEESE.

So if anyone can help me find my motivation, please do so.

And if you have healthy grilled cheese options, please do that as well.

And if you’re willing to just go ahead and make the healthy grilled cheese option, that’d be great too.

And then if you could deliver it to me, that’d be awesome.

And if you could bring me a Diet Mt. Dew or a Diet Dr. Pepper when you do that as well?

And some Excedrin, too?

That’d all be really great.

And then when you do that – slap me – because I think I just defined lazy once again.


3 thoughts on “lost & found. (mainly lost.)

  1. Ooh you are back on the Diet Dr. Pepper bandwagon!

    I’ve been sick this week and had to quit my running workout for the FIRST TIME. Quitzies. I am so ashamed.

    Have you had grilled cheese with Gruyere? Not sure if it is any better for you, but it is quite delicious.

  2. OMG, PLEASE don’t get me started on grilled cheese. Or anything that involves melted cheese, really, which is entirely what my diet consists of lately.

    I am happy about the happiness because you totally deserve it and it is awesome. Obvs. xoxo

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