the formation of kristin schuester.

A few months ago I was in one of those “I love you but right now I choose not to talk to you” moods with one of my best friends. I’m not going to lie and pretend that never happens. It happens a lot. Usually it corresponds to a days long urge not to respond to any text messages I receive from anyone (work related or otherwise, mind you) compounded with an all-the-time lack of desire to talk on the phone. And then, well, if you don’t make the effort to track me down in person (or YOU LIVE IN LA) then this is what you get. The me of emails. Or you just don’t get me at all. But whatev. Back in February when this occurred and I didn’t feel like answering the phone (and even when I was tracked down on my work phone I acted like I was “out of the office”) and I didn’t respond to text messages and I practiced a general lack of interest at that current moment, I received THE GREATEST I KNOW HOW TO GET KRISTIN TO RESPOND TEXT OF ALL TIME.

“So obviously you aren’t going to respond to me. So I will just have a conversation with myself… so yesterday I saw Freddie Prinze, Jr. at my work. Hottie.”

My response was predictable: “OMG.”

This is the sign of someone who truly knows you. The you that used to dream about being Laney Boggs, art nerd and dork girl all around, and having Zack Siler come up to you in the non-existent pool behind your parents house, lit up with non-existent lights and say to you, “So, can I have the last dance?” and then you’d look back at Freddie – I mean Zack – and say, “No, you can have the first,” as you bat your first time ever mascara-painted eyelashes at him. (Maybe this is why it never worked out with anybody I dated in high school?)

I had a friend in high school, who is now a friend of Dorothy, who worked at the movie theater and gifted me with a coveted She’s All That movie poster, which I kindly put on the back of my bedroom door – and there on out kept the door shut so he could stare at me. Always.

I was so in love with Freddie I wanted to punch Sarah Michelle in the face.

But, you know, things change. I’m all grown and evolved now. I don’t have time for those school girl high school crushes. I have moved on to greater things.

Now I am in love with Will Schuester. I’ve already memorized his IMDB profile. Up next: poster acquisition.


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