news of the obsessed.

Today I got to work and as soon as I had my blueberry muffin in hand I got on Google Reader. Because, um, that’s more important than checking the news apparently. And when I got on Google Reader I was reminded (thanks to my subscriptions to copious amounts of Anthropologie review blogs) of the fact that new items were added to Anthro’s sale page today. (A fact I was otherwise not made aware of due to the fact that I have filtered out all shopping related emails from my gmail inbox. Initially done to prevent a cluster eff while in Costa Rica – kept that way to prevent a cluster eff of bank statements.)

So it’s like this. I KNOW good and well – cough cough I’M TALKING TO YOU, LANDING FIELD SKIRT THAT I STILL COVET (in a 4 if anyone finds it. yes I’m still hoping. shut up.) – that if you don’t order STAT you might as well fahgettaboudit. And so, like a well trained Anthro shopper, I just went with it and ordered the dress I wanted. So I ordered the Reed Shirtdress. In the pretty plaid color. Because, well, I’m sort of, kind of, mildly obsessed with all things plaid. And flannel. Plaid and flannel. Like I miiiight have decided the next single guy I meet that can 1. grow a beard, 2. drinks beer, and 3. wears flannel, I’M SO TOTALLY MARRYING. We can be like a matching flannel couple and chop wood and stuff. Or not. Well, who are we kidding? I’m sure I could be convinced to throw an axe around.

But let’s get back to the issue at hand. I return to my previously abandoned blogosphere provided reading material and what did I come to learn? The dress I ordered RUNS SMALL. Now stop right there. Have people never heard of vanity sizing before? Because it is NOT overrated.

And, yea, this occurred pretty early on in my day. I worked and I worked and I went to Target and I went to Starbs and I worked and I worked and I went to Hobby Lobby and I sat in a RIDICULOUS meeting and I worked and I worked out and I’m about to work some more and you know what? You know what I keep thinking? THAT DAMN DRESS BETTER NOT BE TOO SMALL.


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